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    Yurt life is THE life.

  5. "This is Penny Lane, man. Show some respect."

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    sunset canoe.

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    Treeline / (at Banff, Alberta)

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  10. "I look for you in everyone."
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    Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) from his Pine Ridge Indian Reservation work (@NatGeo cover story Aug 2013) showing at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles thru April 27 as part of “The Power of Photography: 125 years of @NatGeo photography” Check it out! Aaron will be giving out free signed/editioned posters of his Pine Ridge work and signing books at the space this Thursday. For details follow @argonautphoto by natgeo

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    Skulls on the Willy

    #skulls #portland #pdx #willametteriver #traveloregon #visitoregon #broadwaybridge #instaoregon #oacificnorthwest #nw #ig_captures #photowall #gramoftheday #instamood #usie #notellenselfie #oscars

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